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Carolina Badano cbadano at lacnic.net
Mon Dec 4 16:05:27 BRST 2017

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Les informamos que se ha publicado el boletín mensual LACNIC News. 
Incluye notas sobre Ayitic Goes Global, el proyecto /Mapeo Digital,/ 
entrevista a los ganadores del Reto IPv6, entre otros temas.

Pueden leer las notas aquí: http://prensa.lacnic.net/news/




Informamos que o boletim mensal LACNIC NEWS já foi publicado. O mesmo 
inclui notas sobre o projeto /Ayitic Goes Global, /o projeto Mapeamento 
Digital, uma entrevista aos vencedores da segunda edição do desafio 
IPv6, entre outros.

Confira as notas aqui: http://prensa.lacnic.net/news/pt-br/


We are pleased to announce that a new edition of LACNIC News has been 
published. This latest edition includes articles on the /Ayitic Goes 
Global /project, Digital Mapping project, an interview to the winners of 
the second edition of the IPv6 Challenge, and other relevant topics.

To read the articles, go to: http://prensa.lacnic.net/news/en/


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