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Este programa de "mentoring" nos será muy bueno para los que están comenzando en el IETF.

Sería bueno si tenemos mentores y principiantes "asociados" que son parte de este grupo IETF-LAC. Especialmente si están interesados en las mismas áreas de trabajo.

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Hi all,

   Based on discussions during IETF 86, we are trialing an IETF mentoring program.  During this trial period, we would like to pair newcomers (people who have attended 3 or fewer meetings or have registered as students) with existing IETF participants.  The goal is to provide a resource for the newcomer who can assist them with integrating into the IETF community.  Mentors and newcomers will be paired prior to IETF 87.

   What we need is for people to volunteer to be mentors. As a mentor, we would ask that you be willing to assist your mentoring participant before, during, and (hopefully) after IETF 87.  The actual level of interaction will be driven by an agreement between the mentor and the mentoring participant. Additionally, we would need a brief description of your areas of expertise, technical interests, and conversational languages.

   A description of the Mentor Program (including a FAQ describing
how to volunteer to be a mentor) is available:


   Anyone interested in being a mentor should follow the sign-up
instructions contained in the above URL.  The more volunteers we have,
the stronger the program will be!

IETF Chair

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