[Ietf-lac] FW: IETF 88 - Tech Plenary: Internet Hardening - Wed 6 Nov

Alvaro Retana (aretana) aretana at cisco.com
Wed Oct 9 17:09:38 BRT 2013

El tema de esta reunión suena interesante.

On 10/9/13 3:25 PM, "IETF Secretariat" <ietf-secretariat at ietf.org> wrote:

>1.  Technical Plenary and Administrative Plenary Information
>Please note that both the Technical Plenary and Administrative Plenary
>will be held on Wednesday, 6 November. The Technical Plenary will be held
>from 0900-1130 and the Operations and Administrative Plenary will be held
>from 1740-1940. More information on the Preliminary Agenda can be found
>The topic for the technical plenary will be: Internet Hardening
>    New reports of large-scale Internet traffic monitoring appear almost
>    every day.  We were all aware that targeted interception was taking
>    place, but the scale and scope in the recent reports is surprising.
>    Such scale was not envisaged during the design of many Internet
>    protocols; the threat is quite different than expected.  Now, the
>    Internet community must consider the consequences.
>    While details of these attack techniques remain largely unknown, we
>    can talk about possible ways to harden the Internet in light of
>    pervasive Internet monitoring.  We can take a closer look at our
>    protocols and the security properties that they provide.
>    A panel will summarize recent discussions and suggest potential IETF
>    actions to make large-scale monitoring more difficult.
>    a.  Introduction (Bruce Schneier)
>         What we know and what we do not know.
>    b.  Earlier IETF Debates (Brian Carpenter)
>        The IETF has several cornerstone documents about Internet
>        security and privacy, including RFCs 1984, 3365, 2804, and 6973.
>    c.  Potential IETF Activities (Stephen Farrell)
>        Summary of the discussion on the perpass mailing list.

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