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Subject: New Mailing List:  Internet governance and IETF technical work
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 08:31:04 -0700
From: IAB Chair <iab-chair at ietf.org>
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To: IETF Announcement List <ietf-announce at ietf.org>

As requested by the community, the IAB has decided to open a mailing list to
discuss topics regarding the intersection of Internet governance and IETF
technical work. In particular, this list will focus on issues relating to
Internet governance and regulation, including the 2014 ITU Plenipotentiary
Conference, and their potential to impact the future of the Internet
architecture. In that regard, the community is invited to participate in
mailing list with an eye toward both receiving more information about these
events and advising the IAB by identifying key issues for which the
board may
wish to provide technical clarifications on how certain policy outcomes
impact the Internet architecture.  Examples could include IPv6 deployment,
spam, cybersecurity, and obstacles or challenges to Internet adoption. This
will be an IAB maintained list, and will be subject to normal IETF process
(such as the NOTE WELL statement).

This new email list is: " internetgovtech at iab.org ". To join, please
visit the
web page:  https://www.iab.org/mailman/listinfo/internetgovtech

The list is specifically not a general discussion list for all issues
to the ITU or even Internet Governance.  ISOC will be posting information
about ISOC mailing lists for more general policy discussions.

Because Internet governance is often a sensitive topic and passions often
run high, while anyone from the IETF community is welcome, those who
join the
list will be expected to stay within the parameters above (e.g., receiving
information and providing constructive advice to the IAB) and to comport
themselves in a respectful way toward all.  To encourage inclusion, we are
asking that individuals avoid repetitive or excessive posting. The IAB's
Coordination Program Leads (currently Ross Callon and Joel Halpern) may, at
their sole discretion, remove or moderate individuals whose posting is
not of
assistance to the IAB or, in the opinion of the Program Leads, of benefit to
the IETF community.

On behalf of the IAB,
  Russ Housley
  IAB Chair

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