[Ietf-lac] Hubs Remotos IETF Dallas

Alvaro Retana (aretana) aretana at cisco.com
Thu Mar 26 20:56:02 BRT 2015

On 3/26/15, 1:50 PM, "Howard, Lee" <lee.howard at twcable.com> wrote:



>As a WG chair, I am interested in people's opinions on this project. Is
>there anything we, as the working group chairs, can do to improve this
>method of remote participation?

One of the objectives we had when we started the Remote Hub experiment was
to have minimal impact on the on-site management of the meeting.

Our friends at Meetecho have been conducting an experiment this week on
remote queue management to facilitate comments/questions from remote
people  (2-way audio/video). Using/monitoring Meetecho by the chairs would
be a great step; this should make you aware of when remote people want to


Obviously the usual applies: one conversation at the microphone, having
the speakers state their name and speak clearly into the mike, etc.

I¹ll let others chime in as well.  Thanks!!


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