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Deadline extended for technical papers:

   - *New submission deadline*: 25/05/2015

Call for papers
  II Workshop pré IETF/IRTF Introduction and Objectives

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) (http://www.ietf.org) is an
international community interested in fulfilling the mission of defining
standards that impact the design, use and management of Internet resources
[RFC3935 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3935.txt)]. The process of
establishing standards for the Internet is long, complex and requires
active participation, particularly of students and researchers. There are
many people around the world actively working on it, however there is a
growing need for more fresh participation.

The attendance from Latin America has been very low, as many potential
targeted participants do not know about the IETF or were not motivated to
do so. A group of volunteers emerged from the "IETF LAC list" to build this
Workshop, aiming to increase Latin American presence in IETF processes.
Besides outreaching about IETF, it is important to provide an environment
that allows our technicians, students and researchers to show their skills,
in advance of any IETF meeting.

The papers presented at the workshop will be adapted or supplemented if
necessary, and forwarded to the IETF, with effective support (by the
Committee Pos Workshop) to increase Latin American participation.

The event, which will last for one (1) day will consist of technical
sessions with submitting articles, panels, lectures, workshops and
dissemination of works associated with the IETF and IRTF, the Universities
and Research Centers. Technical sessions will consist of presentations of
complete works, or being finalized. They should follow the standard format
SBC (in Spanish, English or Portuguese), with a maximum of 15 pages or 6
pages (*position papers*).

A new type of work can be presented, in order to promote projects and
research carried out in various areas of education and research
institutions of Latin American countries, which coincide directly with the
interests of the IETF, IRTF and ISOC, including participation in the annual
meetings. These dissemination works will also be submitted to the Program
Committee and, with a maximum of 20 pages, but will not be published in the
Proceedings of the CSBC but as a special collection. Must be written in
English only, the presentation may be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
The format is free, consisting at least the *Abstract*, *Introduction* and
references to sections of the institution, under which projects are
allocated, including e-mail contacts of these sectors and human resources
involved and respective chairs. It would be desirable identify activities
related to other standards institutions were identified (IEEE, W3C, etc.).

In addition to the technical work will be at least a talk with a guest from
outside Brazil, a panel and meetings of working groups to be defined before
(in the IETF LAC group) and during the event. At the closing session,
discussions will be synthesized and selected to form an agenda for the
large group gathered in the IETF LAC, future similar meetings and for the
IETF meetings. For the attendees during the CSBC 2015, every day there will
be groups complementing the discussions that could not be completed on the
day of the workshop, with monitoring of the IETF LAC list (whose entry is
free in https://mail.lacnic.net/mailman/listinfo/ietf-lac}).
Topics of Interest

Topics of interest to LAC II WPIETFIRTF 2015 include discussion of issues
(original or not), that fit in the eight areas of interest of the IETF, as
described below and detailed in the pages of the IETF site (
http://www.ietf.org), on the http://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/, page, and the
IRTF groups http://www.irtf.org. Further work will be considered with
topics that do not fit the official areas and contribute to a better
Internet, aggregate the interests of the ISOC http://www.isoc.org

   - *Area 1.* Applications: protocols used by the users' applications,
   such as HTTP and SMTP.
   - *Area 2.* General: IETF processes and connected processes of various
   working groups at IETF, or any work that does not match any specific area.
   - *Area 3.* Internet: Different ways of routing IP packets and DNS
   - *Area 4.* Operations and Management: Operational, monitoring and
   network setup aspects.
   - *Area 5.* Real-time Applications and Infrastructure: Delay sensitive
   - *Area 6.* Routing: Packet routing, including multipath routing.
   - *Area 7.* Security: Authentication, Authorization and Privacy.
   - *Area 8.* Transport: Specific services in the transport layer to
   handle demands of new types of user application.

Works that most fit the IRTF activities are also of interest to the
Important dates and paper submission website      Technical papers:

   - *Submission Deadline*: 25/05/2015
   - *Author notification*: 13/06/2015
   - *Camera-ready*: 19/06/2015

      Institutional disclosure:

   - *Submission Deadline*: 09/06/2015
   - *Author notification*: 13/07/2015
   - *Camera-ready*: 19/07/2015

      Link for paper submission:
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