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Christian O'Flaherty oflaherty at isoc.org
Mon May 9 13:03:56 BRT 2016


Les paso un pedido de un grupo que está trabajando en TLS1.3 y busca colaboradores de nuestra región interesados en el tema.

Quienes tengan ganas de participar o conozcan a alguien interesado pueden contactarme off-list así los pongo en contacto.

Es un tema nuevo e interesante para los estudiantes o investigadores buscando temas para proyectos.


I am almost done with a Wireshark dissector for TLS1.3.   Have been working with one of the core guys at TLS.   He has been reviewing my work.  I will get 4 - 5 more people from TLS involved later this week (hopefully).  We are setting up a separate server for people to access a test version of Wireshark.

One of my guys is also putting up a test version of NSS from Mozilla which has TLS1.3.   We hope to have that done by end of  next week (May 20).

I think it will be really good if we start really talking about this.   Maybe you can each nominate one person to be the point person on this.

What do you think?

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