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Can anyone from LAC area help? Thanks,
Nalini ElkinsIETF Mentoring Team

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We are forming teams of new-ish people to start working together to review drafts and pose comments on the list. 

This team has 2 people from Argentina (more will be joining over time).  They wish to study drafts in MPLS / BESS.  The discussions will be conducted in Spanish (preferred) or English. 

The drafts they are interested in are: 



(Please let me know if you think it would be better if they read other drafts.)
They are to read the drafts and have 5 questions ready for discussion.  The questions can be either things they do not understand, things they think need to be clearer in the draft or need to be fixed. 

I would appreciate your help very much for both of the following, please let me know. 

1.  If you will be able to help them in Argentina time zone in a webinar in Spanish (preferred) or English.  Commitment is one hour per month live and some email contact. 

2.  If you will be able to help them via email support only. 

Please help, if you can. 

BTW, a number of other teams have also started including: Spanish DNSOP, and Portugese 6lo / 6tisch / roll, and English 6lo / 6tisch / roll.  Other groups are forming.
Thank you all very much. 

Nalini Elkins

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