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Otra perlita....

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Subject: Re: [spring] Spirit and Letter of the Law (was: Question about
SRv6 Insert function)
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 16:21:08 +0200
From: Enno Rey <erey at ernw.de>
To: Ole Troan <otroan at employees.org>
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Hi Ole,

On Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 03:05:14PM +0200, Ole Troan wrote:
> Fernando,
> >> The IETF is not writing de jure standards.
> >> In fact reality is quite different, and the Internet evolves the way it does somewhat independently of what documents the IETF produces.

one may then wonder: why does the IETF produce documents "for the
Internet"? [A: maybe in some cases they don't, but for the interests of
vendors being involved]

I've been in the IPv6 world for a while now, mostly with some distance
to what's happening in the IETF. From that experience I can confirm that
the [IPv6] Internet evolves "independently of what documents the IETF
[here: 6man] produces". Let me still state that from such an outsider's
perspective the whole debate around EH insertion for segment routing
looks so blatantly obviously vendor-driven that 6man has completely lost
its credibility in many circles being involved in deploying IPv6 in "the
Internet". I know you folks don't rly care but mentioning 6man usually
produces rolling eyes and quirky smiles. I understand that this e-mail
does not argue on the grounds of technical merit, and it actually wastes
more bandwidth, neutrons and life time of smart people reading this, in
a debate which has already wasted *a lot* of those. May I hence ask for
a response in a direct manner if you ever feel inclined to write one.
Everybody have a great day


Enno Rey

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