[Iot-lacnog] FW: Thing-to-Thing (t2trg) RG Interim Meeting: 2017-03-09

Alvaro Retana (aretana) aretana at cisco.com
Wed Feb 15 18:33:41 BRST 2017

On 2/14/17, 12:16 PM, "IETF-Announce on behalf of IESG Secretary" <ietf-announce-bounces at ietf.org<mailto:ietf-announce-bounces at ietf.org> on behalf of iesg-secretary at ietf.org<mailto:iesg-secretary at ietf.org>> wrote:

The Thing-to-Thing (t2trg) Research Group will hold
a multi-day interim meeting.

Session 1:
2017-03-09     10:00 to 16:00  Europe/Amsterdam
Session 2:
2017-03-10     08:00 to 12:00  Europe/Amsterdam

Meeting Location:
Amsterdam, NL

Day 1: T2TRG work meeting
Day 2: Joint meeting with OCF
For latest agenda and details see: https://github.com/t2trg/2017-03-ocf

Information about remote participation:
Remote participation possibilities announced later

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