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Luisa Villa luisa at lacnic.net
Wed May 9 18:00:35 BRT 2012

Hola chicas,

Les reenvío el email que mandó Bijal, para aquellas que estén 
interesadas en unirse a net-girls. Hay que mandar un email a 
majordomo at wibh.net <mailto:majordomo at wibh.net> y escribir en el cuerpo 
del mensaje subscribe net-grrls.

La página de Facebook es:




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Subject: 	net-grrls
Date: 	Tue, 8 May 2012 17:26:03 -0500
From: 	Bijal Sanghani <bijal.sanghani at euro-ix.net>
To: 	Luisa Villa <luisa at lacnic.net>

Hi Luisa,

Thank you so much for organising the breakfast this morning, I think it 
was a great success and I am so happy I could be here for the first one!!

As promised this is how you can join the net-grrls mailing list -

to subscribe to the mailing list you need to send an email to 
majordomo at wibh.net <mailto:majordomo at wibh.net> and put "subscribe 
net-grrls" in the message body.

Please also feel free to introduce yourself when you join!

The facebook group can be found here -


Please feel free to share with the rest of the women!


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