[It-women] Session IT Women in LACNIC27

Renata Aquino Ribeiro raquino at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 15:57:32 BRST 2017

Hi Agustina and folks

So how about we do a poll for the last week of Jan to try and do our

I can moderate and get some folks to participate

We could set up a Google Doc w/ events that IT Women in LACNIC can
participate during the year.

Is that a good theme?



Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2016 14:20:56 -0300
From: Agustina Zamit <agustina at lacnic.net>
To: it-women at lacnic.net
Subject: Re: [It-women] Session IT Women in LACNIC27
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Hello everyone,

Im Agustina Zamit , Im part of Lacnic's Development and Cooperation
department and we'll be from now on moderating and following the
discussion on the IT Women list.

We are committed to encourage participation and discussion on the list
as a useful tool to develop and share ideas.

Regarding Renata's proposals for an informal discussion with a formal
presentation of the outcomes at lacnic 27:
We can definetly work on resources to provide a room during the event
for an informal discussion.

Jacqueline, we can set up webinars prior to the event to help start the

For practical matters we propose to have a moderator or person of
reference for each one of the topics to help organize those webinars.

Its great to see the list active once again.

Warm regards,

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