[It-women] Session IT Women Webinar 1/4

Agustina Zamit agustina at lacnic.net
Fri Jan 20 19:06:35 BRST 2017

*Hi everyone, **

*according to the poll, the webinar is scheduled for Thursday 26th of 
January -  3pm UTC.  / Jueves 26 de Enero 3pm UTC.**

We are 150 women suscribed to this list so hopefully we can get a good 
number of participants on board for our first meeting!

Renata, we very much appreciate your help. I'll will contact you directly.

Warm regards,



Seeing we all agree, we'll have our first live meeting on January's last 

As Renata proposed, we can start the agenda with the following: What 
does it mean to be in IT Women in LACNIC? Who are we and how can we 
contribute to the organization as members.

Laura Kaplan and I will be moderating this first webinar and taking 
notes to share on the list later. Laura is our Development & Cooperation 
Manager at Lacnic.

We have opened a google docs so we can all add topics to the agenda we 
would like to discuss: 

A doodle as well to decide on the date, please follow the link to 
complete your date of preference: 

We sugest 3pm UTC, which according to our experience fits almost all 
time frames in the LAC community.

We'll mantain the poll open until Monday 16th of January, and then open 
the registration.

Please feel free to participate in your own language, at the webinar or 
on the list, I think we can all commit to translate each other if 
necessary, and make an effort so we can all understand and follow the 

Wishing you all a happy new year!

El 18/1/17 a las 2:57 p.m., Renata Aquino Ribeiro escribió:
> Hi Agustina and folks
> So how about we do a poll for the last week of Jan to try and do our 
> session?
> I can moderate and get some folks to participate
> We could set up a Google Doc w/ events that IT Women in LACNIC can 
> participate during the year.
> Is that a good theme?
> Best,
> Renata
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> Hello everyone,
> Im Agustina Zamit , Im part of Lacnic's Development and Cooperation
> department and we'll be from now on moderating and following the
> discussion on the IT Women list.
> We are committed to encourage participation and discussion on the list
> as a useful tool to develop and share ideas.
> Regarding Renata's proposals for an informal discussion with a formal
> presentation of the outcomes at lacnic 27:
> We can definetly work on resources to provide a room during the event
> for an informal discussion.
> Jacqueline, we can set up webinars prior to the event to help start the
> discussion.
> For practical matters we propose to have a moderator or person of
> reference for each one of the topics to help organize those webinars.
> Its great to see the list active once again.
> Warm regards,
> Agustina


      Agustina Zamit

*Asistente de Eventos y Marketing*
Events and Marketing Assistant

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