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> Hola
> Excelente 2018
> Un puesto de genero y computación que puede interesarlas
> Hi
> Happy 2018
> A job in gender and computing which may be interesting
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> Subject: [Gendered Innovations] Gendered Innovations Announcements and
> Research News
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> *Some announcements:*
> 1. The 2018  National Sex and Gender Health Education Summit
> <http://cp.mcafee.com/d/5fHCN8e6zqbWbWbzPbMUTsSCyMyUUqejhO-Yrjhohs7nKqemjqqb2bzxEVd7bVEVdETKUYqenTzhO-rlS8zmcLUh-1mka0GsSOtbtW3pKsSOtbtW3pJ5VfnmdvW_ffnssLvHTbFILzKhpo7cFI9Zh55qWqJQkul3PWApmU6CQjoUTvAQmkkm1PX29KVIDeqR4IM-k2GQqP-Q-ISxJ3dKnNK9Vbjw0l29fWdGGOCDt5XBSww2b73g1Ew61M5YC1gU2ga1zXtQMKm0sbIJASOrdhob3g5cwib4TxTGP2oEj0AIayEMSafxM2BC2sk2bVEV4w9u4y90OO92I0GqekjhO5wGdXVcy6L0uMu2WxG8Ag2WMGSy30YpQbyEMVo9f06Q40hcIJkV4SuT7gk9ZYWdZW3pJ5dcQsIK6MnWhEw3o6pjSsGMd44WCy0e-AycdDVEwCjYQg0eT8Y_U6y0i30Sq81vrdDPb6y05-J7Wv2uPApYQgjGq89A_d42tQnzh0cu7Cy3o86y09v13UCy0b_FYOpEw6A6Xrelo6y0orllBd8Qg2-SrfCmd409zFDPPh086dywq810PIzPqb3VJMiS> will
> take place April 8-10 2018 at the University of Utah, Salt Lake
> City. Building on the 2015 Mayo SGBM Summit, the 2018 Summit will host
> professionals from across disciplines with a focus on integrating sex and
> gender through IPE and competency-based education.  The Summit will provide
> a travel stipend for one designated institutional representative from each
> of the following disciplines: medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy,
> public health, and dentistry. Registration details and poster submission
> can be found here www.sghesummit2018.com
> <http://cp.mcafee.com/d/FZsSczgs73hJ5Z5Z5NVBUsrKrjhohssd79EVvudFEI8K3HTd7b9Jd5x5NMQsCzBYQsCQrTsud7bXNEVvdGX4hH6nY8_0Ha50lerpeBKZ1ITerpeBKZ1ISyYDHH6LZvDDHKenLRXBQSnNT8II3CkS4-EyyJtdmWafaxVZicHs3jqpIsrLOqbaab0VZx4TsSjDdqymova1lqdp_qvmrgSxCTbUT4YBFM0ax4DZ6RlpjjKyZOXgg15zxE0Qg30xUlwSe80kn2E36zAyl6gaj2HF1-k0Ybl0A3Bo0sZYCcK2y8I2VwBoC0VwgcAhgP8L8K18o3M8l2UE90be9EV4x60K6hgcwejQe3WwIls0Be040k0WMMW15E37BnwPUcfK1g2IxUwam3bgg14OORjAjpXst1gDTPETTEdCQkQPhOOUr1vF6y0dwpBfpOH0QgjGq80XWi8MSvCy2pfPh00XszP_wq818c3pEw5ZISvcIq80nWQvFY9XehDPh1eFEwCjYQg9Thud40NUuq8dwwq80BY4fyq80L-DP9Cy0qgrJIVlwq81xJlmkQzh0bXpI-poQg0CeCvfd40woSa1Ew43eOfdEIfCQBWrKsQK1ohy>
> .
> 2. At the University of Kassel, Germany, Faculty of Electrical
> Engineering/Computing, Research Center for Information System Design
> (ITeG), Work Group “Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems” the following
> position is to be filled:Research position (EG 13 TV-H), full time, fixed
> term for 3 years (position for academic qualification according to § 65 HHG
> i. V. m. § 2 Abs. 1 Satz 1 WissZeitVG; the possibility of a doctorate/PhD
> is given). The position is part of the research project "INTeGER:
> Innovation through Gender in Computing". Please find the full job
> description online at
> https://www.uni-kassel.de/intranet/aktuelles/stellenangebote
> /stellenausschreibung-details/tx_ukstellenausschreibung/31044.html
> Deadline for applications is February 7th, 2018
> *Some new research:*
> 1. *One and a half million medical papers reveal a link between author
> gender and attention to gender and sex analysis:* Gender and sex analysis
> is increasingly recognized as a key factor in creating better medical
> research and health care. Using a sample of more than 1.5 million medical
> research papers, our study examined the potential link between women’s
> participation in medical science and attention to gender-related and
> sex-related factors in disease-specific research. Adjusting for variations
> across countries, disease topics and medical research areas, we compared
> the participation of women authors in studies that do and do not involve
> gender and sex analysis. Overall, our results show a robust positive
> correlation between women’s authorship and the likelihood of a study
> including gender and sex analysis. These findings corroborate discussions
> of how women’s participation in medical science links to research outcomes,
> and show the mutual benefits of promoting both the scientific advancement
> of women and the integration of gender and sex analysis into medical
> research. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41562-017-0235-x
> 2. *Organ-on-a-Chip Systems for Women's Health Applications: *Biomedical
> research, for a long time, has paid little attention to the influence of
> sex in many areas of study, ranging from molecular and cellular biology to
> animal models and clinical studies on human subjects. Many studies solely
> rely on male cells/tissues/animals/humans, although there are profound
> differences in male and female physiology, which can significantly impact
> disease mechanisms, toxicity of compounds, and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.
> In vitro systems have been traditionally very limited in their capacity to
> recapitulate female-specific physiology and anatomy such as dynamic
> sex-hormone levels and the complex interdependencies of female reproductive
> tract organs. However, the advent of microphysiological organ-on-a-chip
> systems, which attempt to recreate the 3D structure and function of human
> organs, now gives researchers the opportunity to integrate cells and
> tissues from a variety of individuals. Moreover, adding a dynamic flow
> environment allows mimicking endocrine signaling during the menstrual cycle
> and pregnancy, as well as providing a controlled microfluidic environment
> for pharmacokinetic modeling. This review gives an introduction into
> preclinical and clinical research on women's health and discusses where
> organ-on-a-chip systems are already utilized or have the potential to
> deliver new insights and enable entirely new types of studies.
> http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/adhm.201700550/full
> 3 *Essential metrics for assessing sex & gender integration in health
> research proposals involving human participants:* Integrating sex and
> gender in health research is essential to produce the best possible
> evidence to inform health care. Comprehensive integration of sex and gender
> requires considering these variables from the very beginning of the
> research process, starting at the proposal stage. To promote excellence in
> sex and gender integration, we have developed a set of metrics to assess
> the quality of sex and gender integration in research proposals. These
> metrics are designed to assist both researchers in developing proposals and
> reviewers in making funding decisions. We developed this tool through an
> iterative three-stage method involving 1) review of existing sex and gender
> integration resources and initial metrics design, 2) expert review and
> feedback via anonymous online survey (Likert scale and open-ended
> questions), and 3) analysis of feedback data and collective revision of the
> metrics. … http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.
> pone.0182812
> 4. *Sex Bias in Basic and Preclinical Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
> Research: *This bias is present in studies completed in the United States
> and foreign institutions, and the proportion of studies using only male
> participants has actually increased over the 5-year period examined.
> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5644379/
> All best, Londa
> Londa Schiebinger
> Director, EU/US Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine,
> Engineering, and Environment Project
> John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science, Stanford University
> http://www.stanford.edu/dept/HPST/schiebinger.html
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