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Esto puede ser de interes para la gente de la lista. El proyecto RIS  
da varias herramientas a los ISP y tener peering con ellos es  


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> From: Erik Romijn <eromijn en ripe.net>
> Date: February 25, 2008 10:20:34 PM GMT+08:00
> To: ris-users en ripe.net, routing-wg en ripe.net
> Subject: [routing-wg]RIS remote route collector at NOTA online
> [Apologies for duplicate e-mails]
> Dear Colleagues,
> The RIPE NCC is pleased to announce that the 15th Remote Route  
> Collector
> (RRC) of the Routing Information Service (RIS) is now online at the  
> of the America's (NOTA) Internet exchange point in Miami.
> This RRC collects routing information from all exchange members  
> willing
> to peer with us.
> We would like to thank Terremark Worldwide for their co-operation and
> extensive support during both the set-up and operation of this  
> collector.
> Peering with RIS
> ----------------
> Our AS Number is 12654 and our peering addresses at NOTA are
> and 2001:478:124::171.
> If you would like to peer with us, please fill in the form at:
> http://www.ris.ripe.net/cgi-bin/peerreg.cgi
> For more information about peering with RIS, please see:
> http://www.ripe.net/projects/ris/docs/peering.html
> About the RIS
> -------------
> The RIS aims to collect and store Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)  
> routing
> information and make it publicly available for the Internet community.
> The RIS database and the RIS database tools can help network operators
> troubleshoot routing problems by providing eBGP data collected over  
> time
> without being limited to a single BGP view.
> The RIS deploys RRCs at major Internet exchanges where they peer with
> other networks. At this moment, the RIS has over 600 peers on 16
> different Internet exchanges.
> For more information, please see:
> http://www.ripe.net/ris/
> If you have any further questions, please contact <ris en ripe.net>.
> Regards,
> Erik Romijn
> Information Services

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