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Jue Mayo 22 10:25:09 BRT 2008

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LACNIC XI - v6 Experiment

Would you like the chance to try the IPv6 protocol?

During the entire week that the LACNIC XI event will be held in  
Salvador, Brazil, we will have native IPv6 connectivity.

In addition to the usual double stack network (wireless networks with  
SSIDs: lacnic and lacnic-a), during that week we will have an  
exclusive wireless IPv6 network (SSID: lacnic-v6only) with no  
translation mechanisms.

Participants will be able to connect their devices to any of the three  
networks indistinctly according their preference, so we would like to  
encourage you to try to connect to the exclusive IPv6 network as this  
will allow you to:

- - Verify that your computer is properly configured for IPv6 networks.
- - Verify the IPv6 configuration of your supporting equipment (e-mail  
servers, web, jabber, etc.).
- - Receive a prize during the IPv6 Experiment.

There are two configurations available at the event's network. In the  
first option, participants can configure theirs terminal in an IPv6  
only environment where they will only be able to reach IPv6  
destinations. The second option allows the participant to experiment  
NAT-PT, a translation mechanism that allows an IPv6 terminal to access  
IPv4 destinations. The two configurations can be set by changing the  
domain name server on each terminal.

What is the IPv6 Experiment?

During the LAC-TF morning session to be held on Friday 30 May, the two  
wireless IPv4 networks (lacnic and lacnic-a) will cease being  
broadcast, so that connectivity will only be possible through the  
exclusive IPv6 network.

Similar experiments have already been conducted at other fora such as  

The experiment is scheduled as follows:

Friday, 30 May:
- - 9:00 AM: Presentation of the Experiment - Roque Gagliano - LACNIC
- - 9:15 to 9:45 AM - The IPv4 network will be switched off and only  
native IPv6 connections, without translation mechanism, will be  
- - 9:45 to 10:30 AM - Only native IPv6 connections with NAT-PT  
translation mechanism are available.
- - 10:40 AM − End of the experiment and reception of comments from the  

More information will be available at the meeting website: http://www.lacnic.net/en/eventos/lacnicxi/index.html
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