[lacnog] IANA DNSSEC Testbed to be Decommissioned

Joe Abley joe.abley en icann.org
Mar Ago 3 13:59:48 BRT 2010


ICANN has operated the IANA DNSSEC testbed, serving non-production,
signed versions of the root, ARPA, IN-ADDR.ARPA, IP6.ARPA, IRIS.ARPA,
URN.ARPA, and INT zones for several years. Following the recent
completion of DNSSEC deployment in the root zone, this testbed is
scheduled to be decommissioned.

For more details on the IANA DNSSEC testbed, see

For more details on DNSSEC deployment in the Root Zone, see

At the time that the service is decommissioned, the nameserver bound
to NS.IANA.ORG (, 2620:0:2d0:1::32) will be shut down
and DNS queries to NS.IANA.ORG will fail with ICMP type 3 code 3
(Destination Unreachable, Port Unreachable).

We suggest that anybody using the DNSSEC testbed for anything
resembling production services make plans to stop doing so at their
earliest convenience.

ICANN would like to thank Packet Clearing House (PCH) and Dun.com
DynTLD for their support and generous donation of global DNS resources
to the IANA DNSSEC testbed.


 Wed 2010-08-03  First public notice (this message)
 Wed 2010-08-25  Second public notice (reminder)
 Wed 2010-09-01  IANA DNSSEC Testbed is shut down
 Wed 2010-09-01  Third public notice (confirming work complete)


Joe Abley
Director DNS Operations, ICANN

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