[lacnog] Fw: Anonymous planning a root-servers party

alvaro.sanchez en adinet.com.uy alvaro.sanchez en adinet.com.uy
Jue Feb 16 09:38:47 BRST 2012

Está siendo debatido en Nanog.

>----Original Message----
>De: gbakos en alpinista.org
>Fecha: 15/02/2012 20:36 
>Para: <nanog en nanog.org>
>Asunto: Anonymous planning a root-servers party
>As I hadn't seen it discussed here, I'll have to assume that many
>NANOGers haven't seen the latest rant from Anonymous:
>"To protest SOPA, Wallstreet, our irresponsible leaders and the
>beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish
>needs out of sheer sadistic fun, On March 31, the Internet will go
>In order to shut the Internet down, one thing is to be done. Down the
>13 root DNS servers of the Internet. Those servers are as follow:"
>13 servers. Sshhhhh! Don't anybody mention anycast - it's a secret.

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