[lacnog] Invitation to LACNOG colleagues for Performance Management Panel, July 17th!

Vishal Sharma vsharma en metanoia-inc.com
Dom Jul 1 05:29:47 BRT 2012

Dear Colleagues, 


We are very excited to reach out to you regarding an upcoming on-line,
carrier-focused Panel on July 17th, part of an industry

initiative on smart network management that we're leading.


The panel focuses on performance management, a subject that today is
possibly one of the most relevant for both big and small carriers alike, in
all parts of the 

world, since efficient network management is a key to sustaining


This panel is unique in several respects, designed to make it valuable for
the telecom community worldwide:


.         First, are the dozen+ leading telecom eco-system players that
we've brought together to contribute their experiences to it. Names like
TATA, TELUS, Twitter, LinkedIn, 

Cisco, ADVA, InfoVista, Opnet, and Packet Design, among others.

.         Second,  is the ability to participate in the issues being
discussed, even as we build up to the panel, and not just (as is usually the
case) on the Panel itself. 

In other words, registrants have the opportunity to "see" the evolution of
the thought process and partake in ongoing discourse, which

greatly expands learning and the ultimate panel experience.


The registration page is at:  <http://bit.ly/LknqIs> http://bit.ly/LknqIs,
which gives all the details - topics covered, value of attending, etc.

While a sequence of vblogs and blogs, where we've begun to share conclusions
from Roundtables between the panelists start here  <http://bit.ly/KEtiJA>
http://bit.ly/KEtiJA, and http://bit.ly/O3SAqe. 


It will be great if you could kindly share news of this unique panel with
your peers and industry leaders. 

Our goal is to truly involve the telecom community worldwide!

Also, if you have any suggestions on what specific topics we should cover in
this area, or need more info., kindly let me know.


Looking forward to your inputs, and to seeing many of you attend the panel!


Best regards,




Vishal Sharma, Ph.D.

Metanoia, Inc. (Critical Systems Thinking)

888 Villa Street, Suite 500, Mountain View, CA 94041-1259

Phone: +1 650 641-0082 Fax: +1 650 641-0086 Cell: +1 408 394-6321

Email:  <mailto:v.sharma en ieee.org> v.sharma en ieee.org.
<http://www.metanoia-inc.com> http://www.metanoia-inc.com

Linked In:  <http://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalsharma>


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