[lacnog] Fwd: [uknof] Etiquette for correcting BGP announcements

Carlos M. martinez carlosm3011 en gmail.com
Vie Sep 7 10:33:20 BRT 2012

Visto en otra lista... no es comun ver estas cosas en listas publicas,
pero este tipo de hijacks no intencionales efectivamente ocurren.



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Subject: 	[uknof] Etiquette for correcting BGP announcements
Date: 	Fri, 7 Sep 2012 08:59:03 +0100
From: 	Ed Butler <ed en tn13.com>
To: 	uknof en lists.uknof.org.uk

What's the etiquette for asking someone to correct incorrect BGP
announcements? A client has their /24 being announced wrongly by a
company elsewhere in Europe - causing unreachability. It's not been a
big headache until now as the /24 wasn't being used, but it is starting
to be used now.

I've contacted their noc@ address with no reply yet, and the phone
number listed doesn't get answered.

I can only think to start contacting their peers and upstreams if they
don't sort it out... but does anyone else have suggestions or experience
in how to deal with this?

Ed Butler

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