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Alexis Munoz (Gmail) amunoz0481 en gmail.com
Jue Mayo 23 16:23:01 BRT 2013

Ya complete la encuesta. 

Me uno a los comentarios, que buena iniciativa. 


Alexis Muñoz

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Que buena iniciativa!
Ya complété la encuesta.

A todo esto, quienes de "acá" van a Berlin?


El 23-05-2013, a las 12:15, Alejandro Acosta
<alejandroacostaalamo en gmail.com> escribió:

> Vamos por buen camino!
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> As you may know the IAOC has been investigating the feasibility of 
> having an IETF meeting in South America.  There was a site visit to 
> South America last February.
> We have found two venues that we believe will support a successful 
> IETF meeting and we would like to get feedback from the community.
> The venues are in Buenos Aires.  They meet our requirements for the 
> meeting space, networking, nearby restaurants and bars, hotel room 
> rates in the mid $200 dollar range, nearby alternate hotels at a broad 
> range of prices, nice area in the city, safe, direct international 
> flights, and accessible visas.  The IAOC thinks we could have a 
> successful IETF meeting in Buenos Aires and that attendees would like 
> the venues.
> There has been a consistent level of IETF participation from South and 
> Central America, and it has been growing since IETF82.  The data on 
> this is posted at
>   http://iaoc.ietf.org/documents/IETF-Regional-Attendance-00.pdf.
> The current meeting regional rotation (announced at IETF79) allows for 
> an occasional IETF meeting outside of our main regions (Europe, North 
> America, Asia/Pacific).
> IETF standards are made more valuable the more relevant they are and 
> the more uptake they get.  IETF standards are also made more robust 
> when all perspectives are represented during their development.  
> Encouraging growing participation will help strengthen the Internet, 
> further encourage participation from those areas that will see the 
> most growth in the coming years, and will help advance the IETF in 
> political and international circles which is becoming more of an
> We have asked the IESG for their feedback and they are supportive of a 
> meeting in South America if there is community support and active 
> participants attend.
> Things to consider are that it will be a long trip for the majority of 
> IETFers and the air fares are more expensive (about 10% to 20% higher 
> than average), though restaurants are less expensive.  This would be a 
> case where most IETFers would bear more travel pain and expense.
> The IAOC would like to understand if the IETF community thinks that 
> the IETF should have a meeting in the next few years in Buenos Aires.  
> The IAOC would also like to get feedback on how we can ensure the 
> meeting is as successful as possible and on ways to grow participation in
the region.
> We have set up a survey at  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NWYLQCD  
> where you can indicate your likelihood of attending, and we encourage 
> you to send your general feedback to the IETF list <ietf en ietf.org>.
> Thanks,
> Bob Hinden
> IAOC Chair
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