[lacnog] Prefixo estranho

Doug Madory dmadory en renesys.com
Vie Ene 24 13:57:21 BRST 2014

Hi Luis,

I can see that 701 announced 8/6 on Dec 16 at 15:47:35 UTC. Is that when you saw it? This was likely an error by 701 and only a few of their peers passed the route on. Perhaps 7738 is still carrying that bogus route?

Typically prefixes that are larger than a /8 are not routed globally. is Level 3 space which includes Google DNS IPs and

Hope that helps.

Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 22:58:05 -0200
From: Luis Balbinot <luis en luisbalbinot.com>
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Subject: [lacnog] Prefixo estranho
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Estou recebendo aqui o seguinte prefixo:          *[BGP/170] 5d 07:27:04, MED 0, localpref 100
                     AS path: 8167 7738 701 I

Esse prefixo engloba o 10/8, reservado, e foge dos nossos filtros. Alguém
mais recebe esse prefixo?


Doug Madory
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Hanover, NH
"The Internet Intelligence Authority"

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