[lacnog] IP Squatting en la region?

Roque Gagliano rgaglian en gmail.com
Vie Feb 6 21:13:12 BRST 2015

That's true I didn't mention those techniques to prevent these incidents.
That's not the same as saying they wouldn't prevent them if everyone
filtered bogus announcements based on RPKI or origin validation.

> What is interesting to consider is that for nearly all of these incidents,
> we're seeing 100% of our 400+ peers accept these bogus routes. While we
> don't peer with every single AS on the Internet, I have yet to encounter
> evidence that things like RPKI or origin validation are making any
> measurable difference.
> If those techniques were widely used, I would expect to see a percentage
> less than 100% carrying the bogus routes.
(Roque) We know it is not widely used yet and we need to work to create a
wider adoption.

That is why I was surprise with your article conclusions because it gives
little hope as there is nothing that operators can do today. In reality we
can call them to action to start signing their objects and in a close
future to start filter based on origin validation and thus eliminating a
large part of the problem. Else, we will be on a chicken and egg circle for
a long time until some external catastrophic event will force us to do
something about it...As global problem there are not simple solutions.



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