[lacnog] IP Squatting en la region?

Hernan Moguilevsky - NOC CABASE noc.hernan en cabase.org.ar
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Hay que tener ganas de usurparle al Ministerio de Defensa Britanico...
Por lo menos se puede decir que son ¿valientes?!

“Each Hamachi client is normally assigned an IP address when it logs into the system for the first time. To avoid conflicting with existing private networks on the client side the normal private IP address blocks, and are not used.
Before November 19, 2012 the range was used. This range was previously unallocated but was allocated to RIPE NCC in late 2010 and space from this range is now being used by hosting providers on the public internet. Hamachi switched to the block.[2]
The block is allocated to the British Ministry of Defence. Organisations who need to communicate with the MOD may experience problems when more specific Internet routes attract traffic that was meant for internal hosts, or alternatively find themselves unable to reach the legitimate users of those addresses because those addresses are being used internally,[3] and such "squatting" is against the established practice of the Internet.”

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Aquí la razón por la que te "sonaba" el bloque


On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 11:35 PM, Ricardo Patara <patara en registro.br> wrote:
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I am not sure that is the case but when I read "5.x.x.x" it ring a bell.
There was an NAT equipment from an big manufacturer pre configured
with 5/8 as "internal" network for NATing.
It was a long time ago, not sure this equipment is still on the
market, not sure either this is the case.


  Ricardo Patara

On 07/02/15 00:04, Doug Madory wrote:
> Hola Andres,
> I don't see Claro (or any other Colombian provider) globally
> announcing any IP address space in 5.x.x.x range.
> However, they could be internally numbering with this address space
> and that could cause a problem for their customers. There are many
> cases of providers around the world using global IP addresses for
> internal numbering, which is a risky practice.
> Can anyone with Claro Colombia residential service post a
> traceroute to one of the affected IPs? Por ejemplo:
> Gracias, Doug
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