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Información para los que participarán en forma remota del IETF en Buenos Aires.

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You may use Meetecho to participate in or just observe any session
being held in Buenos Aires. Here are the requirements and details.

1. Individuals are required to register for the meeting to observe or
participate via Meetecho.
- Individuals are required to enter registration I.D and name when
logging into a session via Meetecho
- The name must match that used to register for the meeting
- Please register even if you are participating as part of remote hub
- There is no cost to register as a remote attendee. Register

2. Participation includes the ability to transmit audio and video via
the Meetecho virtual queue.
- The virtual queue permits remote attendees to share audio and video
if they choose, see here for more information:
- Anyone who thinks they may want to participate by transmitting audio
/ video should perform the Meetecho self-test prior to the start of
the session: http://ietf95.conf.meetecho.com/index.php/Self_Test

3. WG Chairs will control the virtual queue, unmuting and muting of
remote participants

4. The agenda for the WG sessions, as well as more detail on how to
use Meetecho to participate, can be found here:

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