[lacnog] call for presentations - IX Forum 12 - December 11-12, São Paulo, Brazil

Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras en nic.br
Jue Ago 30 09:23:36 BRT 2018

Call for presentations

We invite participants from IX.br (PTT), Autonomous Systems, ISPs,
vendors, and the entire Internet community to submit a proposal for a
presentation at the IX (PTT) Forum 12. The event will be held on
December 11 and 12, 2018, in São Paulo. More details can be obtained at:


The IX Forum is the meeting of the IX.br participants, and Brazilian
Autonomous Systems. The event encourages the dialogue on issues relevant
to the development of the Internet in Brazil and around the world,
focusing on its technical infrastructure and in the role of Internet

Submission of proposals

We will receive the proposals by email: eventos en ix.br. Please provide
the following information:

   - use the subject:
     "IX Forum 12 - proposal - [title of your proposal]"
   - full title of the work to be presented
   - abstract with up to 500 words, plus a draft of the slides, or full
presentation if already ready
   - desired time for presentation
   - full name of authors, e-mail, mini-curriculum, name of organization
to which they are affiliated

The proposals will be selected by an evaluating committee, which may
request clarifications or additional information.

Presentations can be in english or portuguese. There will be
simultaneous translation.

Important deadlines / dates

   - limit for receipt of proposals: October 1, 2018.
   - notification of acceptance of the proposal or not: 15 October 2018.
   - sending the complete versions of the presentation, in PDF format:
November 26, 2018.

Suggested Topics

A non-exhaustive list of topic suggestions for submissions follows:

   - advances in optical technologies for use on the Internet and the
Internet Exchanges
   - advances in technologies for network management and automation
   - IX.br at 6Tbps and beyond: challenges to manage growing traffic
   - decentralization of IX.br: how to encourage the use and growth of
the regional (and sometime smaller) IXPs?
   - CDNs and other types of caches on the Internet and Internet Exchanges
   - OpenCDN initiative
   - actions, solutions and best practices for improving security in the
Internet routing infrastructure and IXPs
   - use of communities on Internet Exchanges and IX.br
   - solutions for mitigating DDoS attacks on an Internet Exchange
   - best practices for IXP participants
   - sustainability of IXPs in general and IX.br in particular
   - influence of IXPs on the Financial Equation of Networks
   - influence of IXPs on the technical quality of networks
   - successful cases of IX.br use by providers or other networks
   - importance of the presence of public (government) services in IXPs
   - the importance of the presence of financial services (banks,
brokers, etc.) in IXPs
   - importance of the presence of electronic commerce in IXPs
   - implications of the presence of International Autonomous Systems in
IX.br in São Paulo and in other IXPs
   - statistics of the 2018 World Cup
   - Internet quality measurements
   - evolution of fiber optic and submarine cable infrastructure in Brazil
   - evolution of the deployment of IPv6 in Internet infrastructure
   - online games and IXPs
   - online shopping and IXPs
   - online videos and IXPs
   - online government services and IXPs
   - SDNs and IXPs
   - Internet of Things (IoT) and IXPs


There are still sponsorship quotas available for IX Forum 12. Check out
our proposal:


Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to support the IX Forum,
linking your brand to an initiative of NIC.br already well consolidated
and very successful, always remembered for the high technical quality.
Note that the number of sponsors is reduced, allowing high visibility.

But note that sponsorship *does not guarantee* approval of lectures /

You can support us with a sponsorship quota or know more by contacting
the event team of NIC.br by email: eventos en nic.br.

Check it out ...

Also check the calendar of IX Fórum Regional:


The special edition of the Brazilian IPv6 Forum, commemorating the 10
years of IPv6.br initiative:


And the other events of the Infrastructure Week:


Best Regards,
Antonio Marcos Moreiras
Brasil Internet Exchange (IX.br)
Brazilian Network Information Center (NIC.br)

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