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Sab Dic 1 23:33:10 -02 2018

LACNOG Friends,

The final month of 2018 is going to be a busy one for Network Atlas, and
while I still have a few spare hours, I wanted to share some exciting
updates and address a few questions.
First, I would like to thank all the people who believe in Network Atlas
and have helped it get to where it is today. Network Atlas is at its heart
a community concept, and it is energizing to see so many of you excited
about its potential and interested in making it better.
To that end, the Network Atlas team will be spending the next month working
feverishly to improve the product and get it ready for 2019. I am very
excited to announce the following list of features that should come online
early next year:


   Cable system operation status allows users to see which segments are
   up/down/partial and their last outage, along with textual details of
   previous outages with potential for links

   Cable system information - length, activation date, and estimated

   Fast page load time of <5 secs for users within the US

   3D data center locations

   “Buy capacity” - a form that generates an email to a specified cable

   Report-an-issue on routes for users to send feedback

   Ability for users to receive email notifications about cable status
   changes ,Option to show subsea cables only , Option to show active cables
   only, Option to show future cables only

   A Time Machine function that will show cables that will be active in the

   Ability to add custom fields in select or all cables to show information
   such as latency3-tiered Network Atlas Cable

   Management UI: Users can:Add/Delete/Replace

I can’t wait to share this next phase of Network Atlas with you all. Once
it’s complete, it will truly be “one map to rule them all.”

Next up, let me address the elephant in the room. As many of you know,
Network Atlas’ Kickstarter for $100K for 2019 funding came up short of
meeting its goal(we cancelled it before the time because many of you
reached out wanting to support directly not via Kickstart). However, it was
an excellent learning experience, as it provided a chance to interact with
potential donors and hear their questions. One of those questions was if
Network Atlas could show its 3-year plan for the project. In the interest
of transparency, I would like to share with you Network Atlas’ proposed
3-year operating budget as of today.

You can see this as details in our blog -

Month of December, we will freeze adding new fiber routes to Network Atlas,
this will allow us to focus on working the 10 feature we have explained
above. If you want to upload fiber routes you own and authorized, feel free
to go to https://kmzs.networkatlas.org  <https://kmzs.networkatlas.org/> and
upload them and please include your email address in the file name (or
create a colder with readme in it) so we can reach back with questions. Our
self-service portal will solve this issue in January :)

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it
is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Have a wonderful December, and a happy new year!

ps: we added some routes in Brazil , go check them out

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