[lacnog] Prefix Hijacking

Carlos M. Martinez carlosm3011 en gmail.com
Jue Dic 19 15:20:45 -02 2019

Dear Lucas,

You need to open a ticket with your transit provider then. The fact that 
the announcement is still seen after you removed it is either due to a 
“stuck” route (unlikely, but possible) or due to a common 
“trick” used by some lazy transit providers who anchor their 
customer routes to local null0 statics or similar.

In either case, it’s your transit provider who needs to fix this.


On 19 Dec 2019, at 14:17, Lucas Willian Bocchi wrote:

> We have session with these AS. It's our transit but when I cease the 
> session on my side, the announces continue to exists. Even when the 
> BGP router is powered off the announces continues for 30, 40 minutes 
> or more. It's impossible! The only way is hijacking the prefix but now 
> appears to be OK. We are testing with our another transits to check if 
> the problem now will solved.

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