[lacnog] Call to LACNOG Board selection

Ricardo Patara patara en registro.br
Jue Ene 17 09:02:32 -02 2019

Call to LACNOG Board selection

  *** Very important ***
  Do not confuse with the call for elections of the Program Committee.

   * Important dates: *
   - Closing electoral roll: 28 / December / 2018
   - nominations: from January 17 to 31, 2019
   - validation and selection by NOMCOM: February 1 to 8, 2019

The LACNOG board of directors makes the official call for people interested in 
participating in the selection process for the renewal of positions 
corresponding to the year 2019.

It is required that the candidate be for at least 1 year subscribed to the 
LACNOG list at the closing date of the electoral roll.

In the year 2019, *TWO* LACNOG board positions will be renewed and selected by a 
nominating committee (NOMCOM).

Nominations (self-nomination is allowed) can be sent until January 31, 2019. And 
it is of great interest for the organization to encourage and count on 
nominations from various countries in the region and especially from women of 
the community. It is important to bear in mind that LACNOG is not an 
incorporated organization and that all the work is voluntary and the volunteers 
or organizations to which they belong must bear the monetary and time costs 
involved in participating in the LACNOG activities and the specific Directory.

Nominations must be sent to the e-mail nomcom en nog.lat with the name of the 
nominee as well as a brief professional description of the candidate and the 
reasons that motivate him to make the nomination.

At the end of that period, the names and descriptions will be validated by the 
NOMCOM, to then conduct the selection.

Candidates must know and accept the responsibilities of the board member, which are:

  * Work as a member of the board representing the operators of the region.
  * Moderate and collaborate on mailing lists.
  * Work with other related organizations, sign agreements, organize
    events and represent the organization.
  * Know organization bylaws, published on the website
  * Attend at least 50% of the calls of coordination meetings, to
    be done through the use of videoconferencing at times to be defined according
    to consensus of the group.
  * Dedicate an average of three hours a week to meet the assigned
  * Collaborate with the requirements of the coordinators of working groups.
  * Have the possibility of traveling with their own resources or sponsored by
    their employer and participate in two annual events (one week per event) and
    other activities related to LACNOG.
  * Have up-to-date documentation in case you need to travel abroad.

It is very important to emphasize that LACNOG's bylaw does not allow more than 
one member of its board of directors to belong to the same company or 
organization. In the same way, there can not be more than two members from the 
same country.

Members of the Board that remain in this period:
Ariel Weher [Argentina]
Erika Vega [Colombia]
Guillermo Cicileo [Argentina]
Ricardo Patara [Brazil]
Jorge Lam [Peru]

Members of the Board that leave or renew their position.

Alejandro Guzman [Colombia]
Gregorio Manzano [Venezuela]

Members of the Nominating Committee: (NOMCOM):

- Alejandro Guzmán (Will not renew his position)
- Alvaro Retana
- Antonio Galvão de Rezende
- Carlos Martinez
- Christian O'Flaherty
- Nicolás Antoniello
- Ricardo Patara


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