[lacnog] LACNOG Board Selection

Ricardo Patara patara en registro.br
Vie Mar 1 18:41:20 -03 2019

We would like  to report the conclusion of the process of selection of
two people to fill two vacancies on the LACNOG Board.

The mandates of Alejandro Guzman and Gregorio Manzano came to an end in
December 2018.

For selection, LACNOG formed a Nominating Committee (NomCom), whose
composition is given at the end of the text.

NOMCOM has issued an invitation to those interested in participating in
the selection process on January 17, 2019. Later, the period was
extended, considering that it was a period commonly
used for vacations and also because of the small number of applications.
At that time, it had only one nomination, but there were two vacancies.

After this period we received five more nominations.

The NOMCOM then began a process of analyzing such applications
followed by interviews.

This proceeding ended on 26 February.
We announce the choice of two people in the community to fill vacancies:

Edmundo Cazares (MX)
Hernán Franco (PY)

We congratulate them and thank all the candidates:

Alex Ojeda (CL)
Andres Pugawko (AR)
Carmen Denis (MX)
Edmundo Cazares (MX)
Hernan Franco (PY)
Hernan Moguilevsky (AR)

The current composition of the Board of Directors of LACNOG was as follows:
Ariel Weher 		AR 		Jan/2018 - Dec/2020
Edmundo Cazares 	MX 		Jan/2019 - Dec/2021
Erika Vega 		CO 		Jan/2017 - Dec/2019
Guillermo Cicileo 	AR 		Jan/2018 - Dec/2020
Hernán Franco 		PY 		Jan/2019 - Dec/2021
Ricardo Patara 		BR 		Jan/2017 - Dec/2019
Jorge Lam 		PE 		Jan/2018 - Dec/2020

The NOMCOM consisted of the following people:
- Alejandro Guzman (will not renew his charge)
- Alvaro Retana
- Antonio Galvão de Rezende
- Carlos Martinez
- O'Flaherty Christian
- Nicholas Antoniello
- Ricardo Patara


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