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Mehmet Akcin mehmet en akcin.net
Mie Mayo 13 11:44:46 GMT+3 2020


I hope everyone is doing in these crazy times.

I am delighted to announce Infrapedia 2.0 which is a complete code overhaul
from the previous version of Infrapedia. You can visit infrapedia 2.0
https://infrapedia.com and published open-source code https://github.com/

For those who missed the original announcement, what is Infrapedia?

A tool that visualizes network and data center information and helps create
custom views integrate with websites, monitoring tools (soon librenms),
etc. One of the long time projects we have been working on is
near-real-time crowdsourced network availability data. (think about Waze
for fiber cut, ix outages, and other important information) (not focusing
for home users but rather a long haul, metro fiber networks, ixps, dcs)

We've had to rewrite our code in order to be able to give new abilities to
users such as integrating with your monitoring systems to overlay
information, connecting owners of the fibers with buyers
without middle-man, give the ability for people to use the data in custom
formats for research as we did with Northeastern University, https://blog.

we've created a slack to continue discussions and get more direct feedback
from everyone who is interested, you can join our slack by clicking here

I appreciate all of the volunteer's time who spent the time providing
feedback, make recommendations, and more.

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