[lacnog] Update on LACNIC's IRR: Near-Real-Time Mirroring Now Available

Alessandro Martins alessandro.martins en gmail.com
Mar Nov 24 17:02:14 -03 2020


Great work for all involved! 

  --Alessandro Martins

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 04:18:44PM -0300, Carlos M. Martinez wrote:
> Colleagues,
> We are pleased to inform that LACNIC's Internet Routing Registry (IRR) which
> came into production earlier this year now supports Near-Real-Time Mirroring
> (NRTM) using IRRd Version 4.
> The mirroring policy is an open policy and those organizations that wish to
> mirror the information contained in LACNIC's IRR can do so.
> To set up a mirror, you will need the following information:
> NOC: noc en lacnic.net
> Dump: ftp://irr.lacnic.net/lacnic.db.gz / http://irr.lacnic.net/lacnic.db.gz
> http://irr.lacnic.net/LACNIC.CURRENTSERIAL
> NRTM Host: irr.lacnic.net
> NRTM Port:43
> When LACNIC enables NRTM in the coming days, other IRRs such as RADB and NTT
> will begin mirroring the LACNIC source.
> We would also like to thank the DashCare team (https://dashcare.nl/), Job
> Sneijders (NTT) and the RADB team for their support.
> Should you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us
> at tecnologia en lacnic.net/
> The LACNIC Team

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