[lacnog] Webinar: IPv6 Security (30 de Junio de 2021, 4:00 PM ART (UTC-0300))

Fernando Gont fernando.gont en edgeuno.com
Mar Jun 29 21:32:43 -03 2021



Webinar: IPv6 Security
Speaker: Fernando Gont
Date: June 30, 2021, 16:00 ART (UTC-0300)
Length: 1 hour (+ Q&A)
Language: English

** Description **

The IPv6 protocol suite was designed to accommodate the present and
future growth of the Internet, by providing a much larger address space
than that of its IPv4 counterpart. In this presentation, Fernando Gont
will highlight and discuss the most important aspects of IPv6 security,
ranging from protocol design-related issues to security problems
associated with popular IPv6 implementations. Finally, Gont will
discuss a number of challenges and strategies associated with secure
IPv6 deployments.

** About the speaker **

Fernando Gont is Director of Information Security at EdgeUno

Saludos cordiales, y gracias!
Fernando Gont
Director of Information Security
EdgeUno, Inc.
PGP Fingerprint: DFBD 63E3 B248 AE79 C598 AF23 EBAE DA03 0644 1531

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