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Henri Alves de Godoy henri.godoy en fca.unicamp.br
Vie Oct 1 07:56:27 -03 2021

Fue solo un comentario, una sugerencia, que apareció en la lista de un
participante, su opinión. Creo que alguien escuchó y finalmente implementó
v6 en github :-)

Sigue abajo:

"Personally, I am in full agreement.  I don’t think we should be using IPv4
only tools in the IETF.   I have tried posting on the github blog and have
not gotten any answers why they don’t support IPv6.   My guess is that
there are poeple in the github leadership who just don’t want to do it.  We
could try contacting people we know at Microsoft (and Github) and try to
better undertand what is going on and how to fix it."

"I think all WGs should follow this bitbucket advice.  I fully support:
whenever one does I-D work at IETF one should think bitbucket rather than
github, at least because of IPv6 support. I suspect there might be others
like bitbucket that I have seen mentioned at IETF: IETF's own issue
tracker, and pastebin, and others."

Saludos !

Em sex., 1 de out. de 2021 às 07:37, Fernando Gont <
fernando.gont en edgeuno.com> escreveu:

> On 1/10/21 07:28, Henri Alves de Godoy wrote:
> > Hola Jordi
> >
> > Buenas noticias para los desarrolladores, ahora no tienen que abandonar
> > la herramienta. Se consideró un movimiento que las herramientas que no
> > usan v6 no deberían usarse ;-)
> Quien considero eso? :-)
> La propia IETF usaba github sin ipv6, y oficialmente.
> 6man tambien se reunion , el año pasado, utilizando webex, que es (era?)
> ipv4-only.
> Saludos,
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