[lacnog] Reminder: LACNOG2021. Call for proposals for Panel "The Daily Life of a Network Operator"

Jorge Villa villa en reduniv.edu.cu
Vie Sep 17 12:57:03 -03 2021


The Daily Life of a Network Operator


We are inviting network engineers —also human beings— to be part of a panel
where we will talk about what makes us happy: discovering why a network is
failing or why a service is not working as we would like. 


This panel is being organized as part of the LACNOG 2021 professional
program and will be open to the public. Anyone who wishes to share their
experiences related to IP network problems they have encountered and how
these problems were solved can participate. Similarly, anyone interested in
learning from the mistakes of others is welcome to join the activity. These
topics must be related to:


Routing in general: BGP, OSPF, IS-IS

IPv4 and IPv6 addressing

Use of BGP attributes 

MTU: if it's not the DNS, it's always the MTU

DNS: if it's not the MTU, it's always the DNS

Peering, transit, and bandwidth

Tools used for troubleshooting

Connectivity issues

Why are traceroute or ping not working?

The day I left my users without Internet access 

Security incidents 


Session Dynamics


Each person interested in participating must summarize three basic aspects
of their experience:


1- The problem they had

2- How they solved the problem

3- The lessons they learned from this process


Each participant will have a maximum of 5 minutes to share their experience,
followed by some time for questions and comments.


Will the audience also be able to share their experiences?


The idea is to see that every network, whether large or small, almost always
has the same problems, and that the solutions to these problems are usually
quite simple. 





Submitting a case for the panel


If you are interested in sharing your story, email the case study
information to lacnog2021 en nog.lat <mailto:lacnog2021 en nog.lat> 


In addition to general personal information (name and surname,
organization), you should also include the full text of the problem you
would like to present. A brief description of the key ideas behind the
solution to the problem and the lessons learned (not more than 100 words
each) should also be included, as this will help the Selection Committee
properly assess each proposal. 


Each selected participant may present a single case study, although you can
propose up to three different problems you believe may be of interest.


Proposals will be received from Monday, 13 September (18:00 UTC) to 20
September 2021 (23:59 UTC).


Results will be announced starting on 23 September 2021.


The Selection Committee will be composed of:


Tomas Lynch

Jorge Villa

Carlos Martínez 



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