[lacnog] Big Tech's use of carrier-grade NAT is holding back internet innovation Re: 202201221137.AYC

Fernando Gont fernando.gont en edgeuno.com
Jue Feb 10 05:18:49 -03 2022

Hi, Fernando,

Apologies for the delay. In-line...

On 24/1/22 11:57, Fernando Frediani wrote:
> Em 24/01/2022 10:49, Henri Alves de Godoy escreveu:
>> <clip>
>> About your question "The key questions at the moment would be; Is
>> there anything that only IPv6 can do?"
> Yes there are several like:
> - Avoid any type of NAT and CGNAT which imposes a significant cost to
> Broadband ISPs for Capex and Open costs
> - Improve end-user experience not having to force them to go via a
> bottlenecked CGNAT equipment.

Have you ever noticed the difference yourself? -- I haven't

Even if you got to measure things like "oh, the RTT is, say, 1 ms less
via IPv6", that's "ping experience" rather than user experience.

> - Move Internet forward by restoring end to end communication as it
> should be, etc

No. That's not going to happen. That cat is already out of the bag. I;m
sorry. See:



"  NOTE:
       Ironically, an IPv6-only host (with global-scope addresses)
       attached to a home network where the CE Router "only allows
       outgoing communications" and does not implement protocols such as
       UPnP [UPnP] or PCP [RFC6887], will normally have a harder time
       using peer-to-peer (P2P) applications than an IPv4-only host (with
       a private address) attached to a home network where the CE Router
       employs NAT but implements a protocols such as UPnP or PCP."

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