[lacnog] problemas con el TA de RPKI de LACNIC

Massimo Candela massimo en ntt.net
Jue Mayo 11 20:26:09 -03 2023

On 11/05/2023 06:31, Job Snijders wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 03:49:59PM +0000, Job Snijders wrote:
>> I'm concerned there might be an 'active/active' aspect in the
>> high-availability setup of LACNIC without proper synchronization
>> within the cluster itself. For example: if some kind of
>> 'directory-to-RRDP' conversion process is executed on two (or more)
>> nodes, the nodes each should use a unique RRDP session ID, and a
>> load-balancer should do apply active/backup distribution.
>> I'm happy to help investigate where exactly the issue resides to
>> prevent reoccurance.
> The same type of issue happened again last night, twice :-(

Link to the alert: 

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