[lacnog] Your Input Needed: Can ROA Replace LOA? – Short Survey (7 mins)

Carlos Martinez - Cagnazzo carlos en cagnazzo.uy
Lun Nov 27 11:24:42 -03 2023

Hi Chris,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this research. I believe it's a 
topic very much worth discussing as IMO LOAs are always a disaster 
waiting to happen.

I encourage members who find this issue relevant to to fill the survey 
and to bring further discussion to the list.

@Chris, on the other hand I encourage you to produce a Spanish and a 
Portuguese version of the survey as language may be a significant 
barrier preventing you from getting more feedback.

Warm regards,


On 11/27/23 1:04 AM, Christopher Hawker wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Aftab Siddiqui is currently exploring the possibility of using Route 
> Object Authorisations (ROAs) as a potential replacement to LOAs. 
> Separate to this (and unknowing of Aftab's research), I had started a 
> discussion on the RPKI Community guild on Discord 
> (https://discord.gg/9jYcqpbdRE) discussing the usage of ROAs instead 
> of LOAs.
> An LOA, or "Letter of Authority" / "Letter of Authorization," is a 
> formal document granting permission for third parties to take specific 
> actions regarding network resources or services. In the service 
> provider industry, its primary use is for advertising address 
> resources (IPv4/v6 and ASN). When an organization intends to announce 
> its IP prefixes through its own or a transit provider's ASN to the 
> global internet, it typically needs to provide an LOA to their transit 
> provider, confirming their custodianship or ownership of the resources.
> RPKI ROA, stands for "Resource Public Key Infrastructure Route Origin 
> Authorization," is part of a security framework designed to validate 
> the authenticity of internet routing information. It involves a 
> digitally signed object that specifies which Autonomous Systems (ASes) 
> are permitted to announce specific IP address prefixes.
> Could you please take a moment to fill out our brief survey? Your 
> feedback will play a crucial role in our understanding of this topic.
> Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JCHLWBB
> Thanks,
> Christopher Hawker
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