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Para quienes utilizan BIND.

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De: Cathy Almond
Fecha: El mié, sept 20, 2023 a la(s) 09:03
Asunto: New BIND releases are available: 9.16.44, 9.18.19, 9.19.17

Our September 2023 maintenance releases of BIND 9 are available and can
be downloaded from the ISC software download page,

In addition to bug fixes and feature improvements, these releases also
contain fixes for security vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-3341,
CVE-2023-4236), about which more information is provided in the
following Security Advisories:


A summary of significant changes in the new releases can be found in
their release notes:

   - current supported stable branches:

     9.16.44 -
     9.18.19 -

   - experimental development branch:

     9.19.17 -


We recommend to users contemplating moving from the EOL BIND 9.11 branch
to the BIND 9.16 branch that they read the following document:


We have also published a new document covering differences to be aware
of when migrating from the BIND 9.16 branch to the BIND 9.18 branch:


Users migrating from EOL BIND 9.11 branch directly to BIND 9.18
(bypassing BIND 9.16) should look at both the "changes to be aware of"
documents linked above.
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