[LAC-TF] Conexion a Abilene de CLARA

Christian Lazo R. clazo at inf.uach.cl
Tue Jul 12 16:50:20 BRT 2005

La pregunta es
Cuando tendremos IPv6 funcionando en CLARA.?


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> Estimados amigos.
> La red CLARA ya tiene acceso directo a Abilene.
> Por lo que RAAP ya es participe de esta conexión.
> Ni bien migre CLARA a IPv6 estaremos listo nosotros aqui en PErú.
> Saludos
> Daniel Díaz A.
> Para información:
> Fue establecida durante este fin de semana la nueva conexión entre Tijuana
> e San Diego, permitindo aceso directo entre RedCLARA y CalREN en el estado
> de California. Ya fue firmado también acuerdo de "peering" entre RedCLARA 
> y
> Abilene, para facilitar el trânsito entre nosotros y las redes de EUA.
>                 Saludos, Michael
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>>Subject: Re: call redCLARA/WHREN/Abilene - setting up
>>Cc: Florencio.Utreras at redclara.net, Jim Dolgonas <jdolgonas at cenic.org>,
>>         Julio Ibarra <julio at fiu.edu>, Michael Stanton <michael at rnp.br>,
>>         Eric Johnson <esj at cs.fiu.edu>, Ernesto Rubi <ernesto at cs.fiu.edu>,
>>         Heather Boyles <heather at internet2.edu>,
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>>         Heidi Alvarez <heidi at fiu.edu>, John Silvester <jsilvest at usc.edu>,
>>         Eriko Porto <eporto at rnp.br>, Hans Reyes <hans at internet2.unam.mx>,
>>         carlos casasus <ccasasus at cudi.edu.mx>,
>>         Fernando Muro Macias <mmurom at cudi.edu.mx>, Dave Reese
>> <dave at cenic.org>,
>>         Chris Robb <chrobb at grnoc.iu.edu>, bac at cenic.org, 
>> sevans at cenic.org,
>>         Brent Sweeny <sweeny at indiana.edu>, Chris Costa <ccosta at cenic.org>
>>Hello Ana (and everyone else),
>>I can confirm that the GigE link between San Diego and Tijuana has been up
>>since around midnight on Friday, July 8.  Thanks is due to Hans Reyes and
>>Chris Costa who remained at the BesTel facility until quite late on Friday
>>night in order to establish connection as soon as the cross connect was
>>completed.  They plan to complete configuration work together this
>>am.  There is additional work to be done to complete provisioning of two
>>(rather than one) GigE connections when the second set of equipment is
>>freed up from customs in the coming weeks.  Chris and Hans are aware of
>>this, have discussed the work, and will coordinate on completion as soon
>>as the equipment is available.
>>Chris will also plan to join the conference call regarding peering. I've
>>copied him on this note, so that he can be added to the ongoing list of
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