[LAC-TF] measuring ipv4 x ipv6 latencies

Alejandro Acosta alejandroacostaalamo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 01:35:53 BRT 2011

Hi Antonio,
  Nice to hear about your study.
  I wanted to tell you that I've running a similar research and I've
found the same behavior, IPv6 latencies are around 35% worst than
  I got an advice for you, please if possible try to split the results
between IPv6 native connections and IPv6 using transition methods
(like 6to4 & Teredo), I also do have the data but I haven't done the
maths! (sorry). I will be showing my results on Lacnic XV.

Thanks in advance.


2011/4/19 Antonio M. Moreiras <moreiras at nic.br>:
> Hello.
> We are taking some measurements of IPv4 and IPv6 latencies in the
> Internet, against some Web sites and NTP sites.
> With this, we are trying to understand the current situation. In some
> isolated tests, it seems that the IPv6 latencies could be 30% to 60%
> worst than the IPv4 latencies, from some brazilian networks, including
> ours. However, we are not sure about it.
> This test will integrate with (LACNIC's) SIMON in some near point in the
> future. And probably we will discuss some results at IXPs meeting in the
> next LACNIC.
> We are taking these measurements from our network, at NIC.br, and from
> some other brazilian sites, but we would like to have other partners in
> this test, from worldwide, and specially from LAC region, what would
> facilitate the comparisons.
> You could see some preliminary data in this website:
> http://labs.ceptro.br/simonv6 (work in progress).
> Maybe you could host a measurement point for this?
> The measurements are taken by a java software, that runs also an
> external traceroute. It runs preferencially in a linux/ubuntu 10.10 or
> 10.04.
> Some of the participants are installing the software themselves. Others
> are providing us with virtual machines. Both models are welcome.
> Organizations that agree to take part in this test, should also agree in
> allowing us to share the results publically. The data to be publically
> released is:
> - orig ipv4, dest ipv4, delay ipv4, traceroute ipv4 (IP list)
> - orig ipv6, dest ipv6, delay ipv6, traceroute ipv6 (IP list)
> Other information, as the AS number, location, upstreams, etc, can be
> infered from these data.
> If you can help us with this, please let me know in pvt and I will send
> further information.
> Regards!
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