[LAC-TF] measuring ipv4 x ipv6 latencies

Arturo Servin aservin at lacnic.net
Wed Apr 20 12:00:17 BRT 2011


	I will encourage you to participate in this project, we are very interested in researching connectivity patterns and delays in the region. If you see the probe's list we need more of them in LAC.

	In LACNIC we are hosting a probe, it was quite easy to set-up in a VM. If any one is interested in hosting a probe we could assist with our experience in setting it up (Carlos has the details of the VM, I do not know but I imagine that we could even find a way to share it).


On 19 Apr 2011, at 21:32, Antonio M. Moreiras wrote:

> Hello.
> We are taking some measurements of IPv4 and IPv6 latencies in the
> Internet, against some Web sites and NTP sites.
> With this, we are trying to understand the current situation. In some
> isolated tests, it seems that the IPv6 latencies could be 30% to 60%
> worst than the IPv4 latencies, from some brazilian networks, including
> ours. However, we are not sure about it.
> This test will integrate with (LACNIC's) SIMON in some near point in the
> future. And probably we will discuss some results at IXPs meeting in the
> next LACNIC.
> We are taking these measurements from our network, at NIC.br, and from
> some other brazilian sites, but we would like to have other partners in
> this test, from worldwide, and specially from LAC region, what would
> facilitate the comparisons.
> You could see some preliminary data in this website:
> http://labs.ceptro.br/simonv6 (work in progress).
> Maybe you could host a measurement point for this?
> The measurements are taken by a java software, that runs also an
> external traceroute. It runs preferencially in a linux/ubuntu 10.10 or
> 10.04.
> Some of the participants are installing the software themselves. Others
> are providing us with virtual machines. Both models are welcome.
> Organizations that agree to take part in this test, should also agree in
> allowing us to share the results publically. The data to be publically
> released is:
> - orig ipv4, dest ipv4, delay ipv4, traceroute ipv4 (IP list)
> - orig ipv6, dest ipv6, delay ipv6, traceroute ipv6 (IP list)
> Other information, as the AS number, location, upstreams, etc, can be
> infered from these data.
> If you can help us with this, please let me know in pvt and I will send
> further information.
> Regards!
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