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> "New Opportunities for Criminal Growth - Forecasting Cyber-Crime
> during the IPv6 Transition"
> Wednesday, 7 September 2011
> 1st session: at 0800 PDT/1500 UTC
> 2nd session: at 1600 PDT/2300 UTC
> The global cyber criminal eco-systems have and will continue to use
> the IPv6 as a key tool for their economic gain. IPv4 to IPv6 migration
> will expose organizations and individuals to a multitude of risks,
> much of it happen quietly under the radar. The lack of IPv6 telemetry
> means that most “security companies” and “service providers” will not
> be able to monitor this growth in criminal activity. Barry Greene,
> ISC’s President, will cover the drivers behind these criminal
> eco-systems, why these drivers will logically lead to creative IPv6
> innovations, and the gaps in IPv6 adoption that increase industry risk
> forcing “reactionary re-thinking” of how an organization will move to
> IPv6.
> ISC’s President and CEO, Barry Greene is leading a transformation in
> the Operational Security Community, providing new capabilities and
> capacities that empower organizations to push back against the
> cyber-security miscreants who threaten the resiliency, stability, and
> security of the Global Internet. Through the Security Information
> Exchange (SIE) and other projects, Barry is facilitating new models
> for how organizations should collaborate - fostering aggressive
> private-private collaboration with public participation.
> The event is open to all, and you can submit your questions during the
> session for him to answer them live via microphone, twitter, or email.
> We look forward to seeing you there!
Francisco Obispo
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