[LAC-TF] Interested in the conformation of IPv6 Chapters and WGs _Latin America

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Mon Sep 14 22:29:07 BRT 2015

Good day,

One of the tasks, as moderator of the IPv6 Working Group in Latin America 
and the Caribbean (LAC IPv6 TF), is to support the reactivation and/or 
active participation in each of the IPv6 Groups and Chapters in our 
As well as help establish new groups and chapters (with representatives of 
all social sectors). Of the already established groups, we are already 
Appreciating the support provided by LACNIC and others since the creation 
of LAC IPv6 TF.

For this reason, I invite every initial or future representantive and 
interested parties from the countries of our region to let me know your 
intention (in private or in this list).

In order to create a list of countries and people, with whom we will have 
the first meetings to support them in the creacion of their own national 
IPv6 Working group, before opening the participation to more people from 
each country.
Ideally, you should represent officially a social sector.

* Deadline: Monday September the 21st.*

Of the few chapters and IPv6TFs in our region today, and where exist 
participation and representation of one or more active people are 
(otherwise indicated) are:

- Brazil:
(One person missing)

- Peru:
(There is at least 1 person)

- Colombia:
(There is at least 1 person)

- Cuba:
(There is at least 1 person)

- Mexico:
(There are 2)

- Argentina:
(There are 2 or 1 person)

According to the received response I will announce, our next activity.

Best Regards,
Azael Fernandez Alcantara
LAC IPv6 TF/FLIP6 Moderator

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