[LAC-TF] Lecturas inicio de semana: RFCs 8021 y 8043

Azael Fernandez Alcantara afaza at unam.mx
Mon Jan 9 03:51:29 BRST 2017

Buen Dia,

Recomiendo darle lectura de:

- RFC 8021 "Generation of IPv6 Atomic Fragments Considered Harmful"

"This document discusses the security implications of the generation
of IPv6 atomic fragments and a number of interoperability issues
associated with IPv6 atomic fragments.."


- RFC 8043 "Source-Address-Dependent Routing and Source Address Selection 
for IPv6 Hosts: Overview of the Problem Space"

"This document presents the source-address-dependent routing (SADR)
problem space from the host's perspective.  Both multihomed hosts and
hosts with multiple interfaces are considered.."



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