[LACNIC/Politicas] Fw: Re: [arin-ppml] Policy Proposal (Global): Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries - Revised

Francisco Arias francisco at arias.com.mx
Wed Mar 11 13:47:20 BRT 2009

Al parecer en ARIN van a modificar un poco la propuesta global que en
nuestra región es la LAC-2009-01.

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> Subject: Re: [arin-ppml] Policy Proposal (Global): Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries - Revised
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> Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 6:57 PM
> The current text can easily be
> interpreted to mean all RIR's must return the address
> space.  ARIN AC is working on a revision that makes it
> an option and not a requirement as the current text would
> undermine other current ARIN policy regarding
> reclamation.  We dont see anything wrong with
> permitting other RIR's to return the space if they choose to
> do so, but making it a requirement would not support ARIN
> policy and we dont want conflicting policies.
> Cheers
> Marla Azinger
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> Subject: Re: [arin-ppml] Policy Proposal (Global):
> Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to Regional Internet Registries -
> Revised
> Maybe I just didn't read this closely enough, but I don't
> see where it actually *requires* an RIR to return returned
> address space to the IANA.
> As far as I can tell, every 6 months, an RIR returns
> *surplus* address space (presumably acquired from returned
> V4 blocks) to IANA which can then be delegated to other
> RIRs.  There didn't seem to be any criteria for
> determining what's "surplus".  Does the RIR just decide
> it now has more than it will need in the forseeable future
> and elect to return it so other RIRs can use it?  Is
> there no mechanism currently in place to do that?  Is
> the idea here just that after widespread IPv6 adoption, lots
> of v4 space will get returned, mostly to ARIN since ARIN has
> the most space, and there may still be pent up demand for it
> in other regions.  For example, a lot of poorer
> countries may be adopting internets based on old, obsolete
> tech that they can acquire cheap on the used market, but
> doesn't do IPv6.  This would give them a mechanism to
> acquire abandoned v4 addresses (indirectly) from ARIN.
> If this is *all* this policy is intended to accomplish,
> then fine.
> If an RIR is *required* to return returned addresses to
> IANA despite ongoing need within that RIR, then this is just
> busy work, since they'll immediately have to turn around and
> get more, probably different addresses back from IANA and
> causing bureaucratic delays and routing churn, since the
> addresses will go right back to the RIRs with the most
> demand.
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> John Santos
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