[LACNIC/Politicas] Process on the policies that reached consensus at LACNIC XIII

Max Larson Henry maxlarson.henry at transversal.ht
Thu Aug 5 13:00:04 BRT 2010

Dear members of LACNIC policies mailing list,

According to the PDP, last July 12 ended the period as a call to comment on
the policies that were consensus in the LACNIC Public Forum XIII.
At the moment such policies are in process of ratification by the LACNIC
Board of Directors.

Following, the list of policies that got consensus at the Forum:

* LAC-2007-01 Modification of the IPv6 Block Announcement Policy
* LAC-2009-04 Transfer of IPv4 Blocks within the LACNIC Region
* LAC-2010-02 Election of Chairs through electronic mechanisms


Max Larson Henry
Nicolas Antoniello
LACNIC Public Policy Forum Chairs

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