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Buen Dia,

Les retransmito este correo que seguramente es y sera de interes para la 
comunidad de LACNIC, donde solicitariamos a la persona que asista a la 
reunion de APNIC, a principios de marzo, nos informe de primera mano, 
ademas de buscar participar remotamente como lo comenta German.

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Hi All

It is good to see this discussion taking place in this forum.

The ITU-T is scheduled to hold its first "Meeting of the ITU IPv6 Group" on
15 -16 March 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.  Although the draft agenda for the
meeting is not uploaded yet, there is a "Terms of Reference" available from
the following website:


The ITU-T recently published a paper by the National Advanced IPv6 Centre of
Excellence, University Sains Malaysia, titled "A study on IPv6 Address
Allocation and Distribution Methods"
(http://www.itu.int/net/ITU-T/ipv6/itudocs.aspx) where it was recommended in
its executive summary that:

"The ITU could be the best alternative to manage this additional parallel
structure and to act as an intergovernmental, multilateral,
multi-stakeholder international body to ensure that the Internet evolves in
a direction that protects and advances the fair distribution of the global
Internet resources."

As observed in this mailing list discussion, stakeholders from the wider
Internet community have raised their concerns. The Number Resource
Organization, the formal body representing the Regional Internet Registries
(RIRs), has expressed concern over this recommendation. The RIRs are
responsible for the equitable distribution of Internet resources through
bottom-up policies that support the ongoing stability of the Internet.

APNIC, the RIR for the Asia Pacific region, is participating in the ITU's
"Meeting of the ITU IPv6 Group"  and has organized a special session at
APNIC 29 to openly discuss the ITU-T's proposed recommendation.

We invite you to attend this session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to
participate in the open discussion on the ITU-T's recommendation and IPv6
address management.   APNIC has also extended an invitation to Mr. Malcom
Jhonson (Director of the ITU-TSB) to attend this special session. Details of
the session will be available shortly on the APNIC meetings website.
Additionally, I'll send the details to this list as soon as we have the
information available.

APNIC will also provide remote participation tools enabling wide
participation at this very important event. Even if you cannot be there in
person, it would be great to have your presence remotely and hear your

Kind regards,

German Valdez
Communications Area Manager

On 31/01/2010, at 2:33 AM, Prof Dr.Sureswaran Ramadass wrote:

> Dear Latif,
> What TAP (teddyap) stated is accurate.
> If you wish to continue this discussion, then it should carry an
appropriate title. Like the one I have used above.
> It is interesting to note the negative perception that most of you have
regarding the ITU. I guess they must have had a historical past that has
created this. What is interesting is all our countries pay membership to
support ITU. Why do we pay them membership if we dont believe in them? Its
just food for thought.
> As stated by some of you, The correct platform to address the issue being
debated is to raise it to your ITU rep (each of our countries have them) or
to come to the March mtg in Geneva.
> As for NAv6, we are a nuetral University based Scientific organisation who
was asked by ITU to do a technical study on Ipv6 Address Allocation, which
we did. The results of this study is what ITU has published. However, how it
is implemented is up to the Netizens of the world. So pls do voice your
opinions and let them know. Maintaining democracy and being able to voice
our opinions (backed with facts and truth) is one of the most important
aspects of being a Global Internet User.
> Regards,
> Sures.
> --
> Professor Dr Sureswaran Ramadass
> Director of NAV6 Center of Excellence
> Univ Sains Malaysia,
> 11800 Penang,
> Malaysia.
> Tel: +604-6533004
> www.nav6.org

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