[LACNIC/Politicas] Policy forum @ LACNIC XVIII

Max Larson Henry maxlarson.henry at transversal.ht
Tue Sep 18 19:49:41 BRT 2012

Dear Policy-list Members,

If you have an idea of something new that needs to be done on LACNIC
policy, or if you would like to have something changed, this is the
right moment to propose it.

As always, we are open to receive proposals but, since our Public Forum
is just around the corner in less than two months, it is very important
to send your proposal as soon as possible.

As stated in our PDP (Policy Development Process), only proposals that
are discussed in this list, at least, four weeks prior to the Forum can
be considered there.

During the next Forum we will have at least 10 proposals under discussion.
Therefore, we would like to encourage you to discuss and address as many
pending issues as possible prior to the next policy Forum.

The Proposed policies under discussion (as off September 17, 2012)  :

LAC-2011-08v3 Including RPKI repositories data in the Whois database
when available
LAC-2012-01v3 Eliminate the use of the term "dial-up"
LAC-2012-04v2 Harmonization of items 7 and 9.5 of the Policy Manual
LAC-2012-05 Post-Exhaustion Ipv4 IANA-distributed Allocations/Assignments
LAC-2012-06 Resource Transfers and gradual Ipv4 exhaustion
LAC-2012-07 Eliminate the restriction regarding the delay in the
implementation of the IPv4 resource transfer policy
LAC-2012-08v2 Inter-RIR IPv4 Address Transfers
LAC-2012-09 Update RIRs-on-48
LAC-2012-10 Allocation of IPv6 address blocks larger than a /32
LAC-2012-11 Requirement to sign up for RPKI when requesting additional resources

The current list is located here :


Thanks again for your participation/contribution.

Best regards,

Nicolas Antoniello
Max Larson Henry
co-Chairs of Public Policy Forum - LACNIC

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