[LACNIC/Politicas] IETF Meeting in South America

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri May 24 03:05:46 BRT 2013

At 20:42 23-05-2013, Jorge Amodio wrote:
>Taking the IETF meeting to Buenos Aires is not a bad idea, but when 
>the meeting is over the root problem will still be there.

Jari Arkko is the Chair of the IETF.  He asked the following 
questions ( http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf/current/msg79470.html ):

   "Just meeting in some place does not bring too many new participants,
    at least not in a lasting manner.  But combined with some other actions,
    this may be possible.  Are there specific companies or research teams that
    we could reach out to, and who might want to be involved in the IETF?

    Are there local events where where it would be useful to have someone
    from the IETF give a talk?

    Are there specific IETF or IRTF efforts where we could get more people
    from South America involved?

    Should the ISOC fellows program target something different than it has
    so far, or be scaled up? Other ideas?"

What he is saying is that he does not plan to come to Buenos Aires 
for an IETF meeting, have a nice time and then forget about South 
America.  He would like to do more than that.  He asked the questions 
mentioned to learn more about what the IETF can do directly or by 
discussing with other organizations to get more people from South 
America to participate in the IETF.

Juliao Braga was the only person from South America to comment about 
the above.  It is not possible to identify what actions the IETF can 
take if people from South America do not respond to the questions.


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